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big sky, tiny bird.


Tied To Me [Acoustic] || William Fitzsimmons


Complete Bobs Burgers set

I’m sorry- how is this complete without LINDA?!
Into the woods.

When you’re feeling 100% about the red lip and your pasty-ass skin without a moment of doubt before you walk out the door- you just have to roll with it.

Yes I am one of those people. #dogswearinghumanclothes #flannel #dogsofinstagram #bristol
#tbt age 16?! @aaahshley
Sometimes Russ teaches me how to mix cocktails. Watermelon and basil, vodka and club. #cocktail



We’re at 2 1/2 years today. Not that it’s a significant cause for celebration, but time is kind of funny in that crazy cosmic sort of way.

I’m glad that I found you.